Founded in February 2012, LLC is a Business Management Consulting firm based in Kigali, Rwanda. We help companies convert their dreams into reality; we understand the ambidextrous requirement of organizations-achieve imminent short term goals and simultaneously build the competencies needed to fulfill the long term vision.

We recognize that every company, no matter how large or small, is composed of the same common element…People. It is the individuals within an organization that make it world class. A company can have the greatest ideas, products, or service offerings, but ultimately the only way to guarantee results that are in proper alignment with the company’s core vision is to get the people in the company to perform at peak levels with a clear purpose.

Now more than ever companies need to focus their energies and resources on nurturing and developing their employees. Companies that make management development a strategic priority will move ahead of the pack and it’ll give the company a great competitive advantage of attracting and retaining the best leadership talent.

We rejoice ourselves on our absolute professionalism and excellence in every aspect of our service offering, which puts our discerning clients of an immediate advantage. Our services are unparalleled because of our uncompromising determination and passion to help organization leaders to improve their productivity, enhance their performance and increase their profitability.

Although we are a relatively small company, we consider this an upper hand. Being small means being responsive to our clients, customizing solutions to fit client needs, specializing in a few key areas of competence and striving to forge high quality and long-term client relationships. LLC has an experienced and innovative roster of consultants with considerable top-tier working experience.

LLC consults with clients in a variety of industries including: Financial services, Manufacturing, Tourism & Hospitality, Real estate, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Not-for-Profit and Athletic Organizations.


Contact Us

Grand Pension Plaza,6th Floor,
2 KN 3 Ave
P.O. Box 2445, Kigali-Rwanda
+250 788 306 492
+250 785 025 185

Our Mission

To assist organizations make substantial improvements in their performance by providing great leadership insights, cutting-edge management expertise and relevant business solutions.

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