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Differing with the level and role of each individual leader, it requires a wide variety of leadership and management acumen to execute an organizational strategy. Especially in times of change, restructuring or fast growth, it is very important to know whether your directors, managers and supervisors have the right skills, values, attitude and mindset to improve performance.

We can work with your organization to assess the current competencies of your leaders and identify what can be done to maximize their leadership potential.

  • We conduct comprehensive leadership assessments that include behavioral interviews, simulations, personality and cognitive ability testing, emotional intelligence testing
  • We write a detailed report based on the assessment results, pinpointing each leader’s strengths and areas for development. Based on these results we provide suggestions for how leaders might maximize their potential.
  • We deliver the report to the leader in a face-to-face meeting, ensuring that they understand the key messages, and have the chance to ask questions.
  • Development planning: in a meeting with the leader and their boss, we create a plan that will guide development for the next two years.
  • Follow-up coaching or targeted training: we provide ongoing support to ensure leaders achieve their development goals.
  • Leadership roundtables: we hold leadership roundtable discussions so participants can share ideas, support each other, network and reinforce the development process.
  • Locating additional resources: if a leader needs training that we cannot provide (for example at a business school), we help leaders locate those resources.
  • Reading lists and book clubs: We distribute reading lists and organize book clubs to encourage the learning and retention of key leadership principles.

Overall benefits: Peer-reviewed research shows that survey/assessment feedback, combined with coaching, produces significant leadership performance improvements that sustain over years. This program will also ensure that an organization has a pool of trained talent who are ready to assume the most senior positions when vacancies arise. The use of such a program also communicates to top talent that they are valued by the organization, which can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.


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To assist organizations make substantial improvements in their performance by providing great leadership insights, cutting-edge management expertise and relevant business solutions.

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