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John Gasangwa  is our Senior Leadership & Business Consultant, he holds an MBA in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise (GSSE) from Colorado State University in the US. He has five years of experience working for international microfinance institutions such as World Vision, Opportunity International and, which operate in East Africa. Having seen the after effects of the Genocide in 1994, I committed myself to the creation of non-profit organizations to support widows, orphans and street children in Rwanda. I have travelled immensely through the World Vision initiative, Opportunity International, Arise Rwanda Ministries to raise funds to create social, economic and environmental sustainability businesses in Rwanda.

John is the Founder and the President of Arise Rwanda Ministries (ARM) an organization he started in Rwanda in December 2010. ARM is committed to “positively transforming the people of Rwanda and Africa out of extreme poverty by focusing on sustainable Vocational Education, Clean and safe water systems, pastoral care and community/ Economic development”. For more information about ARM, please visit:

John is also interested in starting and investing in social businesses in Rwanda especially coffee by starting coffee shops and creating value chains to for the coffee farmers in Rwanda to export their coffee to USA and European markets. He has been in the past teaching Entrepreneurship class at the university of Rwanda and worked with the government of Rwanda as a consultant to create and promote entrepreneurship program for the Rwandan rural entrepreneurs.  His goal is to help end poverty and foreign aid dependency through encouraging sustainable entrepreneurship, fair trade and economically empowering women through creation of sustainable business opportunities in developing countries across the world. John is proficient in English, Kinyarwanda, French, Swahili and Luganda.  John Gasangwa is is known to be a Man of integrity, very compassionate and truthful. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact him on: +250 7884 632 52 or professional e-mail: or personal email: 


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